A cup of Caramel Custard

What to cook when you are full of inspiration yet lacking ingredients? Look in the cupboard, find the basics. Flour, check. Sugar, check. And in the fridge: milk, butter, eggs. Check! With these ingredients (and, some vanilla) you can make a simple yet delectable dessert. An optional extra is whatever is in your fruit basket at the time, in this case a banana.

Firstly, make the caramel. It stays hot for a long time so it won’t matter if it sits there for a few minutes while you make the custard. I used Elise’s recipe over at Simply Recipes, it’s a great tutorial. Be careful though, when you add the cream it really does froth up!! Took me a little by surprise but worked out great.

Now for the custard I used a tried & true recipe of mine and I don’t even know where I got it from (sometime before the internet existed I think). You will need:

4 egg yolks

1/2 cup white sugar

1/4 cup plain flour

1 & 1/2 cups milk

Vanilla essence to taste

Combine all ingredients, except the vanilla, in a medium saucepan (a whisk works well to make a smooth mixture). Cook over low heat, stirring all the time, until it thickens & boils. Stir in the vanilla essence. Makes 3-4 serves.

Serve into small bowls or ramekins, add your fruit of choice if desired, and spoon over a little caramel sauce to top it off (it’s very sweet, I only had a little bit). The caramel recipe makes too much, but it keeps for two weeks in the fridge.

I love my homemade custard. I have never ever bought boxed custard from a store, and as long as I have this recipe, I never will!


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One Response to “A cup of Caramel Custard”

  1. Hillary Says:

    That does look delicious! Love the bananas in the custard.

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