More tulips & a teeny cauliflower

Here are some more Tulip photos from when the sun was out on the weekend:

And, the very first harvest from my veggie patches since they were first installed in June. Cauliflowers!!! Only problem was though, they were a bit lacking in size:

Cute huh?? I would have left them growing for longer but I am planting my Summer veggies on the weekend so I thought I might as well take the plants out now. I ate the smaller of the two without bothering to cook it, but microwaved the larger one for 15 seconds in a few drops of water & then ate it. Delicious 🙂 Next year I will definitely plant all my winter veggies on time, the only thing stopping me this year was the lack of veggie patches!


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One Response to “More tulips & a teeny cauliflower”

  1. Jacq Says:

    awwww…that is the cutest cauliflower I have ever seen! Wonder if there might be a market for tiny vegetables?

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