First lettuce harvest!!

I bought some mixed mesclun from the greengrocer yesterday but it turned out I didn’t even need to! When taking my morning stroll through the garden, everything was looking so big & juicy I couldn’t help but collect some:


I also pulled a radish, which I actually started harvesting in the last few weeks, but have been trying not to take too many study breaks to blog about it. My absolute favourite lettuce type was the green one in the centre of the photo, so crisp & buttery!!! If anyone can tell me the common name for this kind I would be oh so grateful, I’ll try to source it seperately because I only got a single plant of it in the mixed punnet of seedlings I bought. This made the most delicious salad ever to take to the library for lunch today!!

Also, I have been following the US election unfolding here in Australia, I found myself on the edge of my seat most of the day as CNN updated their map as the votes were counted. I am very happy with the result as is most of the Australian community! Well done Obama 🙂


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