Second harvest!

Did you know that you can harvest bok choi piece-by-piece as it grows?? I didn’t! I’ve been waiting for the whole plant to get big like you buy in stores. But I did a search, and came across this site (which is an awesome-sounding Perth-based vegetable gardening business) which has advice on what to look for when you think your crops are ready. And they said you can harvest individual bok choi leaves like you can for looseleaf lettuces, simply break the stems off at the base, but leaving enough leaf mass to sustain the plant. I wonder how long I can harvest like this for? So, here is my bundle of veggies today:


I also pulled the last of the radishes from that sowing, as I didn’t want to eave them in any longer, as they have been growing for almost 6 weeks no and they tend to get slightly ‘spongey’ inside & lose flavour. So, I made my family a big salad to use up all the radishes, and I steamed my lovely bok choi for 4-5 minutes in my rice cooker/steamer machine. Such a nutritious meal!


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