Pomegranate jewels

Unfortunately I didn’t grow this delicious large pomegranate, but it was on sale for $2.50!! I gingerly broke it open today (you never know if it’s going to be rotten or completely unripe inside) and I was delighted to find perfect ruby-like fruitlets filling the tough outer skin. I managed not to burst any at all (I consider myself rather an expert when it comes to pomegranates) and I was left with a bowl of perfect pomegranate. Maybe when my own little pomegranate tree starts to bear fruit, I will give a little cutting tutorial. But when I was little, we used to just let them split open while hanging on the tree, then there was no guessing whether or not they are ripe (pity they can’t sell them at the supermarket like that). I think I will enjoy this with some yoghurt & nuts for dessert 🙂


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