It’s Christmas!!

What a wonderful Christmas morning! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the kitten from next door has come over to visit, and all around the neighbourhood you can hear children squealing with delight on opening their presents & finding something awesome. Myself, I opened my 2 whole presents this morning, and grinned instead of squealing for fear of waking my dad up prematurely (that would be a very bad idea).

I realise I haven’t blogged about the fantastic cookies I made for my workmates yet. So here’s a photo:


Cute aren’t they?? Basically, I followed this recipe for the cookie dough, and then took about 3 days to decorate them all in stages. I made up a big batch or royal icing (4 egg whites, lots of icing sugar, mixed in my Kenwood Chef until it is white, creamy & very thick) and made a few colours (white, pale blue, green & pink) and put them in baggies (like last time) and then piped designs onto the cookies. Day 1 of decorating was just doing all the outlines around the egdes of the cookies. Day 2 was filling in the centres, I put a few drops of water into the icing to make it spread a little easier. Day 3 was piping the final designs on top of the rest, I let them dry overnight before packaging them up in the morning all pretty-like! I took them into work on Saturday & everyone loved them! I made some christmas tree ones too, with green icing, blue & pink tinsel & those silver cachous for baubles. I also tried a new tecnique of using smaller cookie cutters to make different shapes in the centres of the cookies (you can see one on the top left of the photo).  I bought 2 sets of cookie cutters before making these, one small & the other tiny. They both have things like hearts, teardrops, diamonds, stars, moons, triangles, squares…. heaps of them. And then, because they come in a round tin, it’s like putting together a puzzle before you can close the tin again! They are so cute. So I used them on about a third of the cookies, and they worked really well. The tiny set was good for making a circle of the same shape (eg teardrop) in the middle of the cookie. The large ones I used once in the centre of the cookie. I even made some star holes on the tops of the christmas trees, but I didn’t like those as much.

On the menu for today: Boneless turkey roast, rolled around some almond & cranberry stuffing; roast potatoes, onions & carrots; fresh salad from the garden; and for dessert, brandy snaps (from work) filled with whipped cream and fresh berries!! I can’t wait. Merry Christmas all!!


2 Responses to “It’s Christmas!!”

  1. a. Says:

    Merry chrissy 😛

  2. My Sweet & Saucy Says:

    Simply gorgeous!

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