Besides a few tomatoes, I haven’t harvested much in the last few weeks. But now in late February there is a definite Autumn feel in the air, and it’s been raining the last few days which is really slowing things down. Bright orange pumpkins my mind signify Autumn as we always had them in the garden when I was little, more often then not they used to sprout from the seeds thrown into the compost heap! Continuing with the Autumn theme is the sound of sweetcorn leaves rustling in the breeze, the cobs should be ready to pick next week. I haven’t grown corn since 2003 so I’m very excited to harvest them. This week I planted my cabbage, broccoli & cauliflower seedlings, and I have to sow some more brussels sprouts because only one seed germinated. My parsnips now have two sets of leaves, and I sowed two rows of carrots, turnips and one of radish this week too. I plan to sow even more carrots after I pull the corn out, I can never seem to have enough carrots. I hope we have a warm March so that all my Winter-harvest veggies can get a good framework of foliage established before the temperatures start to drop. I’m in unknown territory here because it’s the first time I’m growing broccoli, parsnips, turnips, cabbage & brussels sprouts and while I’m quite familiar with Spring & Summer timing for seed-starting & transplanting, I never took much notice of this opposite time of year. The timing is not actually as hard as the space juggling, with most of the space being taken up by the corn & tomatoes which haven’t finished yet. But as of next week I should be able to pull up the rest of the pumpkins & squashes, the corn, and the capsicums. I pulled out the last of the lettuce which had gone to seed, and the eggplants which didn’t produce anything so were a total waste of  time! I then should have room to direct-sow some brussels sprouts & more carrots. Oh I almost forgot, I sowed an Autumn crop of peas today just as an experiment. I didn’t have any room for them in spring, but I have a bit now next to the raspberries, so I put up some chicken wire between two of the raspberry posts. I have pretty much mastered beans, but peas still elude me somewhat, so I will have to practice with them some more. I just really need to do more gardening 😀


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