Hobart Farmers Market

This morning I got up semi-early and visited the Hobart Farmers Market. Despite being established over a year ago, this was only my third time visiting, mainly because I usually work on Sundays or have other important “plans” (like writing assignments). Now that uni is over though, I can take advantage of my rare Sundays off and wander around the market!


Hobart Farmers Market view


The aim of the Market is to encourage the local market for high quality produce, and only local growers and producers are allowed to sell at the market.

There is always interesting things to see, like this colourful garlic:



Both me and my sister who was with me today love broccoli. Have you ever eaten the stem of the broccoli? Its delicious! Simply peel the tough skin off and slice up and munch away. I have often thought to use it in a salad or stirfry but it disappears so quickly from the chopping board there’s almost no hope of it ever landing in an actual dish! One day. We did buy some broccoli but it was only later that we saw these beauties with their long stems; this broccoli will definitely be in my future!



I’m also fond of radishes but I prefer to grow them myself, as I can harvest one at a time, rather than trying to use the whole bunch in a few days. But I can never resist taking photos of the bright red globes!



And who can resist a good bunch of carrots?? Not I. These are so orange and luscious!



And, almost my sole motivation for going to the market today: Peas!! Its pea season here in Tasmania and I look forward to it every year. I’m not growing any this year, due to a combination of lack of space and time, so when I saw them at the market today I snapped them up!



More green things in the form of some juicy-looking mixed lettuce leaves:



And the markets aren’t just for fresh fruit and veggies, you can also pick up meats, bread, poultry, oysters, cheeses, preserves and sauces, and… Flowers! Just like the Salamanca market on Saturdays, I always try to buy some locally grown flowers to brighten my dining room table. On offer today were some gorgeous Peonies in a range of pinks, from almost pure white to the brightest pink:



So I bought some of these bright pink ones, always a lover of bright coloured flowers. They should be fully open in a few days!


Anyone in Hobart and the surrounding area should really make a trip to the Hobart Farmers Market, and soon! Its an awesome venture and I love it there.



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4 Responses to “Hobart Farmers Market”

  1. justthreadtwiddling Says:

    What fun! We have a local farmers’ market here in season, but I rarely wake early enough!

  2. Tweets that mention Hobart Farmers Market « Lauren’s Cooking and Gardening Journal -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lauren Bertoni, Jo Cook. Jo Cook said: RT @Lauren_lolly_: Finally, a new blog post! Hobart Farmers Market: https://lusciouslawns.wordpress.com/2010/11/28/hobart-farmers-market/ […]

  3. Kim aka Frogpondsrock Says:

    I was trying to get some local garlic the other day and couldn’t find any. I might have to try and make the trek down to town next Sunday, thanks for inspiring me 🙂

    • lusciouslawns Says:

      There was lots there today, the normal white variety too. I’d love to meet you there & have a coffee next sunday!

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