A Crème brûlée of Loveliness

I would find it very difficult to find anyone I know who hasn’t had Crème brûlée for dessert at a nice restaurant. It really is the perfect end to the perfect meal. Smooth creamy custard, crisp caramelised shell, the soft sweetness of the vanilla draws you in for more with every mouthful.

Creme brulee 3

I’ve only made this dessert a couple of times, but really once you’ve mastered it there’s no going back. I’m not going to post a recipe here, because there are SO many out there, but this is the one I use. What I will post here however are some tips to help your Crème brûlées be as be as perfect as the restaurants without having to go anywhere.

Creme brulee 2

1) Use normal cream. Normal, fresh, unthickened cream. Here in Australia I search high & low for Farmer’s Union Pure Cream, because its pretty much the only whipping cream supermarkets stock without thickener in it.

2) Custard is very sensitive to temperature, so you want to ensure the most even heating possible while its cooking. Fold up an old tea towel & place this underneath your ramekins before pouring the water in, it will protect the bottom of the custard from overcooking. Additionally, most recipes say to pour water til halfway up the ramekins, I tend to go a little higher, about three quarters.

3) When you pour the uncooked custard into the ramekins, there will be air bubbles from whisking it earlier. Grab your lit blowtorch and skim it very quickly over the surface of the custard, it will burst all the bubbles leaving a nice clean smooth surface.

Creme out of the oven

4) When you are ready to brûlée the top, use demerara sugar. It has large grains which melt and coat the custard beautifully. To get it on in an even layer for caramelising, spoon enough sugar into the ramekin to coat it thickly, pressing it down very gently with the back of the spoon. Then, tip the excess sugar out into a bowl leaving a perfect amount of sugar ready for the blowtorch.

Blow torch brulee

5) Don’t hold the blowtorch too close to the ramekin, or it will burn instead of melt.

6) Make in advance, host a dinner party and impress your friends with this simple dessert 🙂

Creme brulee mouthful


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