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An ode to Mizuna

September 21, 2013

I believe in good home grown nutrition… but I also believe that what you put on your plate should be as aesthetically pleasing as it is tasty. This is mainly what drove me to try Mizuna seeds back in June when I was shopping on for my future salad crops.

I had always seen Mizuna in mesclun salad mixes at markets and on my plate in restaurants, but never thought about trying to grow it until this year. I wish I had started earlier! Its just about the perfect green vegetable – you can eat it fresh in salads, sauteed with chorizo & tossed though fresh linguine, added to spicy stir fries or blended into a tangy version of pesto. So much potential in one little plant! And of course, its soooo prettyyyy.

Adding to this is the fact its one of those “cut & come again” wonderplants that you can start harvesting 6 weeks from germination, and its pretty much earned a permanent spot on my salad bowl rotation in the garden.

Here was my Mizuna patch first thing this morning:

photo 1

I decided to pull out a couple of the green plants to make some room for the one lettuce and carrots that are sharing the space, and I couldn’t stop taking photos of it:

photo 2


These Mizuna plants, paired with some rocket, went spectacularly with some spinach & ricotta cannelloni. Yum!

photo 3

Spring is here

October 23, 2011

Well Spring has finally come to Hobart, and it’s so nice to have some colour in the garden again. The California poppies & Aquilegias are starting to bloom, and my climbing roses are starting too. I also have lots of baby blueberries on my 3 bushes which is very promising! Also the raspberry flowers have started opening & is attracting hundreds of bees, and I can hear their cacophony of buzzing as soon as I open my back door. It’s a good time of year!




Home grown broccoli

September 7, 2009

I took these photos a while ago but forgot to post them, that is until my Twitter friend Bianca reminded me! I sowed these broccoli plants in about March, they were in the ground by April & then I just kind of ignored them, that is until the last few weeks while they’ve been making broccolis! They have been fairly trouble-free, aside from picking off a few cabbage moth caterpillars when they were seedlings. Then it’s just a matter of waiting til they are big enough, then cut steam & enjoy! 🙂

Once there was an apple tree…

July 18, 2009

I took the plunge today & cut down my apple tree, all by myself!! It was surprisingly quick & I didn’t even get tired. I really wish I had a mulcher, even though I’d probably only use it once a year. Next job: dig up the nectarine & move it to near where the apple tree was. Still so much work to do but it’s getting there!

A garden update

June 29, 2009

Having issues with WordPress’s iPhone app at the moment, but I thought I would at least show you some photos from the garden today. The broccolis are getting bigger, the peas are still peaing, and the broadbeand are getting taller. I did some weeding and planting in the main flowerbeds today (plants I recieved from Diggers and Woodbridge Nursery), I’ll post some photos of those when they emerge from dormancy. And that’s all for today 🙂

A trip to the Market

May 2, 2009

Me & a friend went to the Salamanca markets today, because we hadn’t been for ages. I really wanted to get some local fruit & veggies, and have a bratwurst. Here are a few pics of the market today, and also my delicious haul! Click to enlarge.

Still harvesting

April 29, 2009

Today I thought I’d better pick the rest of the capsicums since it’s gotten pretty cold now & they’re not going to get any riper. So I picked 4 of those, and another handful of tomatoes that have ripened. They seem to be ripening slowly but surely. Also today I visited my friend Eryn & her 4 month old identical twins, Bella & Olivia. They were gorgeous, even if they did spew on me a bit!! Also I finally gave them their presents that I made them, two kitties from Amy Butler’s new book, Little Stitches for Little Ones. They are so easy to make, and I’ve given them to a few other children of friends too. Anyway that’s all 🙂

Today’s Lunch

April 5, 2009

It was cold & gloomy today, and at lunchtime I felt like having something a bit fancy-shmancy as well as quick & easy. I have been harvesting some decent-sized tomatoes lately, so I really wanted to showcase them somehow. Bruschetta was the perfect solution.

I used a lovely sourdough from work for my bruschetta, but use any thick cut crusty loaf.

I made mine with tuna, diced tomatoes, grated cheese & oregano, but use anything: avocado, mushrooms, capers, olives, smoked salmon… The possibilities are endless. Grill or bake until bread is crispy & your ingredients are heated through. Dig in & enjoy!

Garden pics

January 29, 2009

It’s warm again today, completely still & a little cloudy & humid. I pulled out the last of the celery plants because they were going to seed & weren’t very nice. I forked in some coffee grounds (from my work) to replenish the soil, because I will probably be planting some broccoli seedlings there in 6 weeks time. I also dug up 4 onions to see what they looked like; I am really not sure when I am meant to dig them, I will have to do some research. In the flower garden, I made some little labels for my snapdragons saying what colours they are, because I want to save the seed & keep the colours separate. Snapdragons are so generous with their seed, one flower spike will give me enough seed for the next 5 years, and they don’t seem to lose much viability over time. Other then that, I’ve been checking out my January crops: capsicum, gem squash, apples & eggplant. I love gardening!!

Cat and corn

January 16, 2009

Since I got my veggie patches, my cat Puss has loved this one corner of one of them in particular. This just happened to be the spot that I planted my corn seedlings at the start of summer. Both my cats love rolling in the sandy & dusty parts of the garden, and Puss discovered early on that the sandy soil we got delivered is perfect for this!! She was so determined to roll in this spot, that it became a bit of a survival-of-the-fittest issue for the little corn plants! I sowed the front part of the bed (foreground of photos) twice, only to have the seedlings flattened by Puss’s somewhat wide girth…. Most of them survived however and are now starting to put up their pollen & silk. Exciting times!!