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My Neglected Garden

October 25, 2010

Well, my busy uni schedule this year has taken its toll on my garden (and this blog…), but I took a stroll around the garden today and spotted a few lovelies in amongst the weeds.

I’m really pleased with this little climbing rose “Lorraine Lee”. Its only two years old & has reached the deck railing already! Its a few metres off the ground too. Its got a nice sprinkling of fragrant pink blooms this year, and its bringing some much needed colour to my bare deck at the moment:

These tiny little Bleeding Hearts (Dicentra) are slowly colonising my shady area next to my workshop. I love their ferny foliage and the way the blooms tremble in the breeze:

This Moss Rose always fascinates me! I love watching it come to life each Spring. The branches are extremely prickly, but the leaves are structurally interesting, and then the buds are covered in this “moss” which has a pine fragrance when you rub it. It only flowers once a year but the blooms are deep red and very fragrant which makes it worth it. Here’s a photo in the morning sun, showing the moss & prickles in great detail:

And lastly, my Raspberry patch is bigger then ever this year (don’t I say that every year??) and the blossoms are just starting to open this week:

Can’t wait to be picking bowlfuls of these! They always feature somewhere in my Christmas desserts. And just for interests sake, here’s an “aerial view” of the bed the raspberries live in. I don’t think I’m going to be able to plant anything else in this bed this year, though there is some strawberry plants hidden in there somewhere:

Look at all that lush growth! Ignore my other veggie bed, its full of weeds, spent broccoli plants and stray potatoes.

I hope to be blogging much more this Summer, because I have absolutely no Summer School this year (first time since I started my degree!!) so should have a lot more free time for gardening and blogging πŸ˜€

Happy Spring!


Autumn is here

March 15, 2009





It was a typical Autumn day today…. after raining all night, the sun rose to a beautiful day. Bright sun but with a slight cool breeze coming from the south east, it warmed up the soil just enough to evaporate the droplets on the leaves, but the soil remained moist. We are enjoying the last sunny days before the plants pack up for another long winter. The top photo is Nerine fothergilli “Major” which is a really nice Autumn bulb to have around. I find them to be very reliable bloomers. The pink Nerines will come a bit later, I can see their flower buds peeking out of the bulbs already.

The second photo is a lovely Hydrangea that was one of the only decent things in the garden when we moved in. But it was tiny, and has tripled in size since we started taking care of it!

The third photo is a patch of Cyclamen hederifolium in one of the garden beds. I have grown hundreds of Cyclamen from seed over the last few years, and I have given away some as presents or trades, but most have now been planted in my new garden over the summer. A few are flowering too, but not enough to put on a good show, I will have to wait until next year I think! For now I will admire their pretty leaves.

The last photo is Puss Cat in her favorite spot in the corner of one of the veggie beds; now that the corn is gone she has it to herself for a while, at least until I plant something else there!

Of course this nice weather never lasts long, and a couple of hours later my view from the kitchen was this:


Garden pics

January 29, 2009

It’s warm again today, completely still & a little cloudy & humid. I pulled out the last of the celery plants because they were going to seed & weren’t very nice. I forked in some coffee grounds (from my work) to replenish the soil, because I will probably be planting some broccoli seedlings there in 6 weeks time. I also dug up 4 onions to see what they looked like; I am really not sure when I am meant to dig them, I will have to do some research. In the flower garden, I made some little labels for my snapdragons saying what colours they are, because I want to save the seed & keep the colours separate. Snapdragons are so generous with their seed, one flower spike will give me enough seed for the next 5 years, and they don’t seem to lose much viability over time. Other then that, I’ve been checking out my January crops: capsicum, gem squash, apples & eggplant. I love gardening!!

A Rainy Day

November 20, 2008

This is what I was greeted with when I got up this morning:


A slow but steady drizzle & mist stuck around for the whole day, was quite pleasant really. I harvested some more bok choi, lettuce & radishes today too, which are all liking our cool moist weather we’ve been having lately. I took a few photos of some of my flowers in the rain too. My roses picked a pretty bad day to open, I couldn’t even smell them without inhaling water droplets! This is the Moss rose Henry Martin:


My Campanula glomerata is still flowering, such a good value plant:


And my Kalmia latifolia “Lady Clementine Churchill” has put on a great show this year, the best so far. These small trees seem to be different to most flowering trees that I have in that they seem to develop the flower buds in the current season, rather then forming them last season to bloom this season, like Rhododendrons & fruit trees do. I guess that’s a good thing if you have a bad season one year, it won’t affect the flowering for the next year. I can’t wait for this little thing to get bigger, it’s only about half a metre tall!


I hope it stops raining soon so I can go outside & play.

A day in the garden

November 11, 2008

I did some fairly major gardening work today. By 2pm I had a huge pile of weeds on the lawn that I had pulled out, and some encouragingly clear earth in my southern garden bed. I decided I needed some flower seedlings, so I to my local garden centre to pick some up. I bought some snapdragons, dahlias, and lobelias. My snapdragons seedlings I started in early spring are taking an agonisingly long time to grow bigger, and only have 4 leaves so far. Next year I will start them winter so by the time November comes hopefully they’ll be a good transplanting size. I love saving seeds from snapdragons, they have the cutest pointed seedpods and all you do it tip the seeds out πŸ™‚ The ones I bought today are the very tall variety, so I will save some from those, as I’ve only got seeds from the dwarf variety.

I also bought some climbing bean seedlings, and made little bamboo wigwams for them to climb on. They are so innocent-looking at this age…


Here is a small piece of my eastern garden bed. In the photo are Campanula glomerata (with the purple flowers), a Moss Rose (behind the centre Campanula, with the red buds), wild Delphiniums (on either side of the rose bush) and dark purple Irises (bottom right hand corner with the pointed leaves), as well as a few ofhter things if you can spot them. This bed is coming along quite nicely, slowly getting that nice mixture of plants that start to grow into eachother.


Here is part of my southern bed, newly weed-free. Going from the bottom right hand corner towards the left: Asiatic Lilies, Gladiolas, Cornflowers, Sweet Peas & Dianthus.


Here is an up-close shot of the Lilies in the photo. I’m expecting big things from this group!


Here is my bok choi patch at the moment. It’s getting bigger! I think I will have to start giving some to my friends.


My tomatoes are getting really big & lush, and my spinach (on the right) is too. The whole garden has been loving the warm weather we’ve been having this week.


The cats were both outside with me for most of the day, enjoying the sunshine with me. I have another day off tomorrow, maybe I’ll do some more gardening πŸ˜€

An update

November 7, 2008

Well! I am relieved, as I had my last exam, today, in fact just under an hour ago. I thought I would post a few of the photos I’ve been taking around the garden in the last few weeks, but have been too busy to write about.


My strawberry plants have finally started ‘not dying’, after a few false starts. These ones are in hanging baskets on my deck, but I think I will move them at the end of the season to the veggie patch. I have two plants down there they are doing much better then the potted ones, and since they are next to my raspberry patch it will be easy to net everything when they start getting ripe.


My sweet peas are looking fabulous, I am going to try & save the seeds of the red ones this year, because they are my favourite. I have two groups trained up tomato cages, but the other group (not pictured) have all turned out to be pale pink. How blah… I don’t know how I ended up planting all the pale pink ones onto the same tomato cage.

Here is my bok choi patch last week, before I started harvesting the outer leaves yesterday:


My tomato plants are also getting bigger, they have been flowering though I’m not sure if they will be setting much fruit yet, we have had some unseasonably cold weather in the last few weeks (well, I think it’s been cold…)


Oh the cards for next week:

  • Weed the rest of the garden (some parts that I didn’t get around to weeding before exams are now completely engulfed in weeds);
  • Sow some more radishes since I pulled the last few yesterday (I have a second sowing coming along but they will be another couple of weeks);
  • I need to buy some annual flower seedlings to brighten up the bare patches of the garden;
  • and, go through my second favourite cook book & make all the delicious recipes & blog about it.

Till then, au revoir!

Some photos from the garden

October 23, 2008

Since the sun was out this morning I thought I’d update you all through some photos of the garden!

The ground has warmed up enough now so that the corn seedlings are getting bigger by the day.

this is not a weed, I swear!

this is not a weed, I swear!

Also getting bigger by the day are the radishes I sowed a few weeks ago. They grew so fast that last week there were actually cracks in the soil where the radish had pushed out the soil!

look at that beautiful colour.

look at that beautiful colour.

In the flower garden my sweet peas I now finally coming into bloom. I think I planted them too early because they just sat there doing not much for the last couple of months of winter!

a graceful arch.

a graceful arch.

At the moment my Enkianthus tree is small, but it is still covered in flowers, I love them!

interesting-looking flowers.

interesting-looking flowers.

Also in the flower garden, the lilies are getting taller, in a few weeks I will be able to see the buds on these asiatics.

a sea of green.

a sea of green.

That’s all for today, I should be back with another recipe soon!

P.S. More photos from today can be seen at my flickr site, πŸ™‚

Quick garden update

October 1, 2008

Spring has definitely arrived in my garden, and with it the tulips, blossoms and new growth which makes Spring the most exciting of all the seasons for me. Here are a few photos I took this morning:

Tulip ‘Kees Nelis’

Tulip ‘Cape Cod’

Omphalodes cappadocica

Apple blossom

An increase in wildlife has also come with the change of season, and our neighbours over the fence has had a litter of bunnies. Unfortunately one of our cats got hold of one of the babies early this morning, creating a scene outside my bedroom door, as the poor little thing as squeaking frantically and our other cat wanted a piece of the action too much to the annoyance of cat #1!! I pryed the bunny out of his jaws, shooed the cats outside & tucked the scared little thing into a shoebox until I could get organized enough to go next door to tell my neighbours what had happened. They were very thankful and said they would take care of the bunny, and also do something to secure the remaining babies! Both the cats are now lazing inside so at least they aren’t trying to go after the rest!

Happy Spring every one πŸ™‚