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Garden Update

August 3, 2013

Well, almost 5 weeks to the day have passed since I direct sowed a bunch of seeds in one of my new garden beds. I thought you’d like to see the progress of the seeds so far:

Clockwise from left: Arugula, Mizuna, Radishes, Spinach

Clockwise from left: Arugula, Mizuna, Radishes, Spinach

As well as the radishes & carrots (not pictured – they are still pretty small) in my tutorial, I also sowed spinach, arugula (rocket), mizuna, and basil. Everything has sprouted now except for the basil – I suspect the soil it possibly still too cold for the basil to germinate. Still learning new things even after 10 years of gardening!

So far I am most impressed with the rocket, I’ve never grown it before so I didn’t know what to expect. But the germination rate is quite high, the growth is lush and quick, I’ll be harvesting some for a salad or three within a few weeks!

Another new-to-me crop is mizuna, which is often found in mesclun mixes at greengrocers. I don’t want to spoil any future blog posts, but its one of the prettiest salad crops you can grow.

Radishes have been a mainstay of my Spring gardens over the years, there’s pretty much no other vegetable that gets me in the mood for fresh zesty salads grown at home that grows almost as quick as I can eat them. And the spinach, while I have grown it before, I haven’t ever grown it from seed, so that was another good learning experience. The seeds are large and gnarled-looking, and the seedlings can only be described as looking like oversized carrot seedlings – but thankfully with the emergence of their first true leaves I can see they are definitely not carrots after all. The spinach should grow rapidly if we have a moist spring.

Apart from the basil, I’ve very pleased of the progress of my seedlings! Not in the picture are 3 rows of carrot seedlings, and a somewhat sparse crop of brown onion seedlings (well there are actually quite a few seedlings but the seed leaf is so fine they are quite hard for me to see!), and a few oak leaf lettuce seedlings that are not enjoying the cold weather so much, I will sow more when it starts to warm up.

I am so impatient for the warm weather to come! At the moment I will have to be content in watching these little seedlings grow.


New house, new garden!

June 16, 2013

Well! Its been a while hasn’t it!!! A lot has happened since I last wrote.

Firstly, I moved house. Not only that, I moved states. And got a job, and bought a house of my very own in the lovely suburb of Seaford in southern Melbourne.

So that was a bit of awesomeness, and I celebrated my first anniversary here last month, and that first 12 months went so fast!

Another pretty lifechanging event was my breakup in early March… not much to say about that really but “onwards & upwards”!

So I bought a house. Its mine. I have an encyclopedia of to-do lists and renovating plans and decorating ideas but this is what I started with:

house before

Neat overall, but does need some work, mainly a lot of painting & some TLC inside.

Since this photo was taken I’ve painted the gutters, fascias, gates & vent grates a rich brick red. I’ve sanded the window frames ready to paint them white. I’ve bought almost everything I need for my luxurious new bathroom, which will be installed in August. And! I’ve got ducted gas heating installed so the place is no longer a fridge!

Also and! Check out my back yard:

IMG_0929 1

(Scuse the washing on the lines)


So much space! So much potential!

The trees are one huge and very neglected pear tree, and two neglected but manageable apple trees. I’m going to attempt to prune at least part of the pear tree to hopefully get it productive again, but I’m not going to rule out getting rid of all the fruit trees and planting new ones, with the advantage of knowing what varieties I’d be planting and pruning them to a nice shape from the start.

So, the work on the garden began today with a smallish garden bed against one of the fences:

IMG_0937 1

The soil here is lovely sandy loam (I’m only 1km from the beach) which I sifted to make sure all the grass roots were removed. Hard work, but well worth it, because now the soil is nicely aerated & smooth, ready for its new inhabitants!

I planted my first flowers, a bulk pack of tall Snapdragons:


I have learned that Snapdragons take much more time to get big enough to flower, so planting them in Winter means they’ll be ready to bloom in late Spring.

Next weekend I’ll be digging & sifting more of the grass out of the remaining dug-up soil, and maybe think about planting something edible like spinach and herbs.

I have a feeling this Summer will be the best Summer ever!

Spring is here

October 23, 2011

Well Spring has finally come to Hobart, and it’s so nice to have some colour in the garden again. The California poppies & Aquilegias are starting to bloom, and my climbing roses are starting too. I also have lots of baby blueberries on my 3 bushes which is very promising! Also the raspberry flowers have started opening & is attracting hundreds of bees, and I can hear their cacophony of buzzing as soon as I open my back door. It’s a good time of year!




Home grown broccoli

September 7, 2009

I took these photos a while ago but forgot to post them, that is until my Twitter friend Bianca reminded me! I sowed these broccoli plants in about March, they were in the ground by April & then I just kind of ignored them, that is until the last few weeks while they’ve been making broccolis! They have been fairly trouble-free, aside from picking off a few cabbage moth caterpillars when they were seedlings. Then it’s just a matter of waiting til they are big enough, then cut steam & enjoy! 🙂

A Garden Update

May 16, 2009

It was so cold & blustery outside today, but I hadn’t visited the garden for a few days so I thought I had better pay it a visit. So this afternoon the sun was coming & going between the clouds, so this would be a good a time as any to go outside.

There few a few tomatoes hanging on the vines still, but I think I am going to have to pull them out soon. Once they are close to ripening the wet weather quickly rots them and I end up throwing them onto the compost. A not-so-wonderful end for the last veggie of Summer in the garden. So it’s time for the Winter veggies to have their turn in the (low gloomy Winter) limelight.

Broadbean shoot

I sowed these broadbeans about 3 weeks ago from memory, and they have just shown up in the last few days. I guess it’s the cold that has delayed their germination, but I seem to be getting very good germination rates so I don’t really mind. I would have planted them sooner but I had Golden Nugget pumpkins here that just refused to die back like they were supposed to, and I didn’t want to damage the pumpkins by pulling them out prematurely. I’ve never grown these before so I’m interested to see if I’m going to need to stake them or not.

Pea blossom

My plan for an Autumn crop of peas is coming along nicely, with the first flowers appearing this week. Here’s hoping I get some pollination & some yummy peas in the next few weeks!

Carrots freshly pulled

I had sown a small row of carrots before I planted the cabbage seedlings (in top left corner of the photo), and, being my usual impatient self, I just planted the cabbage seedlings on top because I didn’t want to have to wait for another area of the garden to free up. But it has worked out okay as an accidental catch crop, because now that the cabbage leaves have almost started to cover the space in between each plant, the carrots are just about ready. Well, for baby carrots anyway! I have a few in there still, so the next lot I pull will hopefully be a bit bigger. I have 2 rows that are 4 weeks old also, and my last sowing (2 rows each of St Valery and Mini Round) have sprouted this week. I am determined not to run out of carrots before Summer this time!

Parsnips & carrots

Out of sheer curiosity (and also because I am terribly impatient) I pulled two parnips as well. These were sown on the 28th of January, and I was very surprised at the time because they had all germinated after only 9 days. Covering them with plastic & onion bags really works, and have used it for my carrot seeds with great success too. So these ‘snips are about 3 months old now & still probably need another 3 months! They are cool though! I’m going to grate them up along with the carrots & make some veggie fritters. It will be my first time eating parsnips so I hope I like them!!

Parsnip leaves

Here’s a photo of the parsnip leaves, which was another thing that was a mystery to me when I first started growing them. They are a bit like flat leaved parsley, but several times larger, and the stem bases wrap around the newer middle leaves – you can see this a bit in the other photo. It’s kind of cool. Carrots do this too but because the stems are narrower it’s less noticeable.


Also eagerly awaiting my first turnip!! This is the biggest one, I might roast it, or make some soup with the winter squashes I still have. Such excitement!

That’s it for now – I’ll see what the weather’s like tomorrow after work, I might pull out the tomato plants & spread out a load of manure & coffee grounds. Seems like a long time until its going to be Summer again!

Garden pics

January 29, 2009

It’s warm again today, completely still & a little cloudy & humid. I pulled out the last of the celery plants because they were going to seed & weren’t very nice. I forked in some coffee grounds (from my work) to replenish the soil, because I will probably be planting some broccoli seedlings there in 6 weeks time. I also dug up 4 onions to see what they looked like; I am really not sure when I am meant to dig them, I will have to do some research. In the flower garden, I made some little labels for my snapdragons saying what colours they are, because I want to save the seed & keep the colours separate. Snapdragons are so generous with their seed, one flower spike will give me enough seed for the next 5 years, and they don’t seem to lose much viability over time. Other then that, I’ve been checking out my January crops: capsicum, gem squash, apples & eggplant. I love gardening!!

First raspberry!!

December 13, 2008

Behold the first raspberry of the season!! It was actually a double one but it broke in half when I plucked it off the stem. I ate it straight away, and savoured the tart raspberry-ness for the first time since planting my garden in august.

My first carrot!!

November 9, 2008

Hehe… Just had to post this!! Just pulled up my first carrot, it smells so carrot-y!! I think I might leave the others to get a bit bigger though 🙂 click the photo to enlarge.

An update

November 7, 2008

Well! I am relieved, as I had my last exam, today, in fact just under an hour ago. I thought I would post a few of the photos I’ve been taking around the garden in the last few weeks, but have been too busy to write about.


My strawberry plants have finally started ‘not dying’, after a few false starts. These ones are in hanging baskets on my deck, but I think I will move them at the end of the season to the veggie patch. I have two plants down there they are doing much better then the potted ones, and since they are next to my raspberry patch it will be easy to net everything when they start getting ripe.


My sweet peas are looking fabulous, I am going to try & save the seeds of the red ones this year, because they are my favourite. I have two groups trained up tomato cages, but the other group (not pictured) have all turned out to be pale pink. How blah… I don’t know how I ended up planting all the pale pink ones onto the same tomato cage.

Here is my bok choi patch last week, before I started harvesting the outer leaves yesterday:


My tomato plants are also getting bigger, they have been flowering though I’m not sure if they will be setting much fruit yet, we have had some unseasonably cold weather in the last few weeks (well, I think it’s been cold…)


Oh the cards for next week:

  • Weed the rest of the garden (some parts that I didn’t get around to weeding before exams are now completely engulfed in weeds);
  • Sow some more radishes since I pulled the last few yesterday (I have a second sowing coming along but they will be another couple of weeks);
  • I need to buy some annual flower seedlings to brighten up the bare patches of the garden;
  • and, go through my second favourite cook book & make all the delicious recipes & blog about it.

Till then, au revoir!

Quick garden update

October 1, 2008

Spring has definitely arrived in my garden, and with it the tulips, blossoms and new growth which makes Spring the most exciting of all the seasons for me. Here are a few photos I took this morning:

Tulip ‘Kees Nelis’

Tulip ‘Cape Cod’

Omphalodes cappadocica

Apple blossom

An increase in wildlife has also come with the change of season, and our neighbours over the fence has had a litter of bunnies. Unfortunately one of our cats got hold of one of the babies early this morning, creating a scene outside my bedroom door, as the poor little thing as squeaking frantically and our other cat wanted a piece of the action too much to the annoyance of cat #1!! I pryed the bunny out of his jaws, shooed the cats outside & tucked the scared little thing into a shoebox until I could get organized enough to go next door to tell my neighbours what had happened. They were very thankful and said they would take care of the bunny, and also do something to secure the remaining babies! Both the cats are now lazing inside so at least they aren’t trying to go after the rest!

Happy Spring every one 🙂