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Onion Harvest!

February 6, 2009


I think onions are about the slowest-maturing crop I have grown so far. I planted the tiny seedlings back in August, watched them grow so slowly it was almost imperceptable, but then fiiiiinally, after 6 months, I was looking up ‘how to cure onions’ on google. Did you know curing onions enhances their flavour? It disperses the chemicals that give onions their distinct flavours more evenly around the flesh. Also, it lets the outer layers of the onion dehydrate and wrap tightly around the flesh, giving the onions their super storage powers. Curing is cool! And mine are curing at the moment, and will be for about three weeks.

Here they are curing under my retired barbecue, appropriately laid out on old onion bags from work:


Arranged from smallest to biggest of course 🙂 Here is the count:

4 tiny

15 small

16 medium

4 large

4 jumbo

For a total of 43 onions. Not bad value for a $3 punnet of seedlings. But still only really enough to last us a couple of months. Next season I’ll be starting from seed, so I will space them out better to get more evenly sized onions. Did you know that onion size depends on how far apart they are growing? They don’t like to be too close to eachother, so to get the biggest onions you need to space them out. I need to find more space to grow more onions. Maybe I can squeeze them in between my flowers?


Garden Update

December 10, 2008

No recipe today, but my neighbour gave me a bunch of her broad beans, which I’ve never tried to eat or grow before:


Cute aren’t they!! I microwaved them with a little water for 2 minutes to steam them. The outer skins split a little, but mixed with a little butter & pepper, they were sweet & delicious! I think they are a cool-season crop, so I will have to try them next winter!

In my own garden, the tomato plants are getting really tall and have lots of flowers. I hope we can get a bit more warm weather so they can set heaps of fruit.


My past experience tells me I should be harvesting the first tomatoes around Christmas time, but there’s only a few fruit set & this is the biggest one:


November & December have been so unseasonally cold, it doesn’t seem like summer at all 😦

Also in the same bed, the onions are putting on a lot of size now:


This is my first time growing onions so I hope these are tasty!!


The celery has really taken off with the cool weather, it shouldn’t be too much longer before I’m eating it. The bok choi is completely shading out the poor lettuces that are planted in between them (I had no idea the bok choi would grow that big), so  I did some culling this afternoon. I gave a bag to my neighbour in return for the broadbeans, and threw a few of the largest leaves onto the compost heap. Still no signs of snail damage, dispite all the rain we’ve been having! I am very thankful for that.

One very exciting thing I discovered today, was that some of my raspberries are getting red!!! Raspberries in time for Christmas, hooray!


Also in the last week, my squashes/pumpkins have started to flower & set fruit. I hand pollinated these because I want to save the seeds, and I didn’t see many bees around. But it looks like it has worked with several small fruits starting to grow:


I kind of got all my squash/pumpkin/cucumber seedlings mixed up after I planted them so it’s a bit of a pot luck as to what I’m going to be harvesting! But two of the plants so far have these yellow fruits, time will tell if they end up being squashes or pumpkins.

That’s all for tonight, hopefull I’ll have a recipe for you on the weekend, bye for now!