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Garden Update

August 3, 2013

Well, almost 5 weeks to the day have passed since I direct sowed a bunch of seeds in one of my new garden beds. I thought you’d like to see the progress of the seeds so far:

Clockwise from left: Arugula, Mizuna, Radishes, Spinach

Clockwise from left: Arugula, Mizuna, Radishes, Spinach

As well as the radishes & carrots (not pictured – they are still pretty small) in my tutorial, I also sowed spinach, arugula (rocket), mizuna, and basil. Everything has sprouted now except for the basil – I suspect the soil it possibly still too cold for the basil to germinate. Still learning new things even after 10 years of gardening!

So far I am most impressed with the rocket, I’ve never grown it before so I didn’t know what to expect. But the germination rate is quite high, the growth is lush and quick, I’ll be harvesting some for a salad or three within a few weeks!

Another new-to-me crop is mizuna, which is often found in mesclun mixes at greengrocers. I don’t want to spoil any future blog posts, but its one of the prettiest salad crops you can grow.

Radishes have been a mainstay of my Spring gardens over the years, there’s pretty much no other vegetable that gets me in the mood for fresh zesty salads grown at home that grows almost as quick as I can eat them. And the spinach, while I have grown it before, I haven’t ever grown it from seed, so that was another good learning experience. The seeds are large and gnarled-looking, and the seedlings can only be described as looking like oversized carrot seedlings – but thankfully with the emergence of their first true leaves I can see they are definitely not carrots after all. The spinach should grow rapidly if we have a moist spring.

Apart from the basil, I’ve very pleased of the progress of my seedlings! Not in the picture are 3 rows of carrot seedlings, and a somewhat sparse crop of brown onion seedlings (well there are actually quite a few seedlings but the seed leaf is so fine they are quite hard for me to see!), and a few oak leaf lettuce seedlings that are not enjoying the cold weather so much, I will sow more when it starts to warm up.

I am so impatient for the warm weather to come! At the moment I will have to be content in watching these little seedlings grow.

Finally, some vegetable gardening

October 11, 2008

Well, after my abysmal germination rates with my warm season vegetables (read: none) I got fed up & went to the garden centre up the road & bought fifty dollars worth of seedlings. I planted eggplants, capsicums, spinach, celery:

pak choi, mesclun, basil, pumpkins, squashes, cucumbers (those 3 actually sprouted for me), tomatoes:

(Gross Lisse, low acid yellow, Roma, Tommy Toe), and sowed some more radish seeds because they germinated really well for me:

The onions are doing really well, getting bigger finally:

And the raspberries are all also coming to life, you can even see the flower buds forming in the centre that will hopefully become raspberries one day!

Also high on the agenda this weekend is the weeds in the garden beds which are really starting to take over. Here is the patch I was focussing on today:

And after weeding:

Still so much to do but it will just have to wait for another day.

In other news, my dad bought us a brand new barbecue today so we had a bit of a braai (south african barbecue) with marinated chicken wings, roast potatoes, and cheese & tomato toasted sandwiches (‘toasts’) and also a nice green salad. Would have been nice to make the salad from my own produce, but you can’t have everything I suppose!