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Spring is here

October 23, 2011

Well Spring has finally come to Hobart, and it’s so nice to have some colour in the garden again. The California poppies & Aquilegias are starting to bloom, and my climbing roses are starting too. I also have lots of baby blueberries on my 3 bushes which is very promising! Also the raspberry flowers have started opening & is attracting hundreds of bees, and I can hear their cacophony of buzzing as soon as I open my back door. It’s a good time of year!




Heaven in a Bowl

October 20, 2008

Sometimes the simplest things are the best… This definitely includes my lunch today! A piping hot mound of tubular spaghetti, piled high with grated Gouda cheese. I enjoyed this simple culinary delight out on my deck this afternoon in the sunshine (with my cats next to me ready to pounce on any leftover cheese…) and, excluding the dread of my 4 exams coming up, life couldn’t be better.