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More tulips & a teeny cauliflower

October 7, 2008

Here are some more Tulip photos from when the sun was out on the weekend:

And, the very first harvest from my veggie patches since they were first installed in June. Cauliflowers!!! Only problem was though, they were a bit lacking in size:

Cute huh?? I would have left them growing for longer but I am planting my Summer veggies on the weekend so I thought I might as well take the plants out now. I ate the smaller of the two without bothering to cook it, but microwaved the larger one for 15 seconds in a few drops of water & then ate it. Delicious 🙂 Next year I will definitely plant all my winter veggies on time, the only thing stopping me this year was the lack of veggie patches!


Quick garden update

October 1, 2008

Spring has definitely arrived in my garden, and with it the tulips, blossoms and new growth which makes Spring the most exciting of all the seasons for me. Here are a few photos I took this morning:

Tulip ‘Kees Nelis’

Tulip ‘Cape Cod’

Omphalodes cappadocica

Apple blossom

An increase in wildlife has also come with the change of season, and our neighbours over the fence has had a litter of bunnies. Unfortunately one of our cats got hold of one of the babies early this morning, creating a scene outside my bedroom door, as the poor little thing as squeaking frantically and our other cat wanted a piece of the action too much to the annoyance of cat #1!! I pryed the bunny out of his jaws, shooed the cats outside & tucked the scared little thing into a shoebox until I could get organized enough to go next door to tell my neighbours what had happened. They were very thankful and said they would take care of the bunny, and also do something to secure the remaining babies! Both the cats are now lazing inside so at least they aren’t trying to go after the rest!

Happy Spring every one 🙂